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Gary has worked in Professional Boxing for over 10 years.  Gary has been involved with many aspects of the sport working as a trainer, cut man and event promotion.


Having enjoyed much success in promoting, he started to focus on creating a network within the MMA realm. What intrigued Gary about MMA was the excitement and entertainment it delivered, he was also surprised how everyone he networked with throughout the MMA community was such genuine characters and respectful for each other ability, from this point on he became hooked and looked to bring his boxing promotion experience to the MMA scene. 


Using his promotional and event experience he proceeded to create RAGED UK MMA. Working closely with Oz a coach, at the Scorpion Gym in Swindon, the UK, who had wealth of MMA experience to help launch RAGED UK with the first ever show on the 7th March 2015. 


Raged UK continues to grow and bring you fantastic fights and entertainment yet bringing huge talents through. While the RAGED UK show has been predominantly rooted in Swindon UK, we will be expanding to other counties throughout the UK. 

RAGED  is a team effort which is why we are one of the best shows around. 


Sean Harper (Stage Manager), Oz (Event Manager), Guy Morse (Media & Marketing Manager) and Mike Evans and Keiran Turland (Ticket Sales Supervisors) and many more fantastic people and sponsors who work hard to make this happen. 

Thank you all for supporting and following TEAM RAGED

Gary Turland
Sean Harper
Gary & OZ
Guy Morse
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